• FLORATREX Probiotic and Prebiotic

      FLORATREX Probiotic and Prebiotic

      Floratrex probiotic and prebiotic is a superior blend of live and active cultures from 23 probiotic strains that support digestion and intestinal function and boost the immune system. This advanced formula provides 50 billion CFUs.† 60 vegetarian capsules †Results may vary.

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      Price: $69.95

    • Suntrex D3

      Suntrex D3

      Suntrex D3 is a vegan-friendly, lichen-derived, certified organic vitamin D3 supplement. Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient that boosts the immune system, assists with calcium absorption to promote bone strength, supports the nervous system, and promotes brain health.† 1 fluid oz  †Results may vary.

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      Price: $24.95

    • Melatonin-ND


      Melatonin-ND features melatonin in a convenient liquid form that has been cultured with beneficial probiotic organisms for active bio-availability. Non-synthetic melatonin for brain, sleep and immune support.† †Individual results may vary.

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      Price: $9.95

    • Max B-ND™ – Probiotic-Fermented Vitamin B Complex

      Max B-ND™ – Probiotic-Fermented Vitamin B Complex

      Max B-ND™ is a never before available probiotic-fermented B vitamins. Max B-ND™ contains a high-energy B vitamin complex that delivers premier nutritional support. Each 1/2 tsp. supplies high energy vitamin B forms including B-12 as methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, B5, folate as folinic acid and more.†  †Results may vary.

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      Price: $21.95

    • Lithium Orotate

      Lithium Orotate

      Orotate is an organic "carrier" that transports the mineral exactly where it needs to be delivered.

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    • Pure Energy

      Pure Energy

      Pure Energy® provides long lasting, vibrant energy by optimizing the body's own Serotonin and Melatonin production without the use of a stimulant. Results include a better night's sleep as well as energy enhancement by day. One of our clients most popular formulas!

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      Price: $24.95