Poly MVA for Pets (8 oz)



Poly-MVA for Pets is a specially formulated combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are crucial in supporting and maintaining overall pet health.

Poly-MVA for Pets - 8oz

An Unique & Safe Formulation of Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids for Pets

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Poly-MVA is a popular dietary supplement that may contribute in boosting the human immune response. Now there is a new version that is available exclusively for pets - Poly-MVA for Pets.

Poly-MVA for Pets is a specially formulated blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help support the overall health of pets. It is designed to give support to cellular energy production, by replacing nutrients that may have been diminished during certain therapies your pet may have undergone. Poly-MVA for Pets is a safe and gentle supplement for all kinds of pets and especially elderly pets with a need for increased energy, appetite and quality of life.

Poly-MVA for Pet's success rate is credited to the active ingredient - Paliadium Lipoic Complex. Paliadium Lipoic Complex is believed to help enhance cellular function in healthy cells, while hindering the function and reproduction of abnormal cells. Years of clinical research have shown Poly-MVA for Pets to be a safe and useful supplement for ageing and sick pets.

Six Benefits of Poly-MVA for Pets

  • Helps protects your pets from free radicals
  • Helps the body to produce energy
  • Absorbs into system immediately for faster results
  • Provides vitamins, minerals and amino acids for nutritional support
  • May help support cellular engergy production and improve appetite
  • Replenishing nutrients may improve the pet's health and enhance overall quality of life
  • Sodium
    A natural preservative and essential nutrient that aids in the regulation of blood pressure and volume. Although excess amounts can cause issues, it is a required mineral for humans and animals alike.
  • Proprietary blend
    • Alpha lipoid acid
      As a cofactor to a variety of enzymatic reactions, alpha lipoic acid is a natural antioxidant that protects against free radical damage and aids in converting glucose into usable energy.
    • Palladium
      A metal in the platinum group, palladium is a powerful catalyst for organic reactions.
    • N-actetyl cysteine
      Used as a precursor to glutathione, the body’s powerful antioxidant, N-acetylcysteine may be a potent protector against harmful compounds in the diet and environment. Some research even shows that this compound supports brain health.
    • Formyl methionine
      Methionine, an essential amino acid, is necessary for proper energy production, metabolism, and liver health. Formyl methionine may stimulate the immune system and help protect against foreign invaders.
    • Rhodium
      Rhodium is a platinum metal that is inert and increases the corrosive resistant qualities of palladium and platinum.
    • Ruthenium
      A transition metal of the platinum group, ruthenium is a rare compound that increases resistance to titanium and is noted for its superconductivity.

Other Ingredients:

  • Water
    Purified water simply acts as a carrier and provides hydration which is essential for metabolism.
  • Sodium chloride
    As a preservative, sodium chloride draws water out of the cells of microorganisms, thus extending the shelf life of the product. Additionally, minute amounts of sodium chloride are helpful for increasing palatability.
  • Vitamins B1 as thiamine hydrochloride
    A derivative of vitamin B1, thiamine hydrochloride plays a role in similar metabolic actions, aiding in energy production, cognitive function, and cardiovascular health.
  • B12 as cyanocobalamin
    Cyanocobalamin is a chemical compound that displays vitamin B12 activity, an important vitamin helpful for supporting proper energy levels. Vitamin B12 has also been shown to support brain health and metabolism.
  • B2 as riboflavin
    Found in abundant amounts in leafy greens, riboflavin is an important B vitamin necessary for skin health and metabolism. Riboflavin (B2) is also a precursor to a slew of enzymes, and emerging research is showing its benefit for heart health.
  • Molybdenum
    An essential trace element, molybdenum may support oral health and immune function. Molybdenum is also an important factor in a number of enzymatic reactions.

Suggested Use

Guidelines for supplementing by weight:

  • Under 25 lbs: 1/8 tsp
  • 25-50 lbs: 1/4 tsp
  • Over 50 lbs: 1/2 tsp

Conversion is 1 tsp = ~5 cc. Each 8 oz. bottle of Poly-MVA® for Pets contains 236 liquid cc.

For pets with compromised immune systems dosage is to be increased gradually over 3-5 days to 1 cc per 5 pounds, twice a day. For extreme aggressive situations, follow the same gradual increase but double the dosage to 2 cc per 5 pounds, twice a day, until desired results are achieved. Please consult a qualified veterinarian.

What is palladium lipoic acid?

Palladium lipoic acid is a compound that bonds palladium to alpha lipoic acid. Bonding palladium to lipoic acid is a patented technique that dramatically increases the absorbability of lipoic acid. It is a means of protecting the electrical potential of the cell to ensure that it stays healthy -- this helps weakened cells restore to health. Poly-MVA® is the only product with the palladium lipoic complex.

How does palladium work?

As a transport mechanism that enhances the uptake of lipoic acid, the palladium lipoic complex contained in Poly-MVA® for Pets accounts for the unique action of the supplement. It affects the electrical potential of the cell by shuttling electrons from the cell membrane to the nucleus and the mitochondria.

Why should I give my pet Poly-MVA® for Pets?

Pet owners give their pets Poly-MVA® for Pets to reduce fatigue and nausea; or to increase stamina and appetite. Poly-MVA® for Pets is good for pets affected by age, disease, or lack proper nutrition.

Does Poly-MVA® for Pets have antioxidant characteristics?

Poly-MVA® for Pets is an excellent antioxidant that fight the cellular breakdown that negatively affects health. Poly-MVA® for Pets is great nutritional support for optimum health.

Are there any precautions?

If your pet is taking high dose Vitamin C, it's recommend that you wait 6 hours before administering Poly-MVA® for Pets. Additionally, alpha lipoic acid should not be given with Poly-MVA® for Pets because it will compete with the palladium-bonded lipoic acid.


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