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Fighting Radiation – What You MUST Know to Naturally Protect Yourself

Fighting Radiation – What You MUST Know to N...

Fighting radiation and preventing radiation sickness has become important subjects. With more and more radiation from the Japan nuclear catastrophe threatening the United States as well as the... Read more
12 Best Foods to Cleanse Your Liver

12 Best Foods to Cleanse Your Liver

Before we being to talk about the 12 best foods to cleanse your liver, let's talk about the importance of a healthy liver. Not only is your liver the main filter of your body, it is also the... Read more
Health Benefits of Spirulina

Health Benefits of Spirulina

The health benefits of spirulina are many. Spirulina is a form of blue-green algae grown in alkaline waters, rich in phytonutrient antioxidants and has been used by people since ancient times. It is... Read more
What You Definitely Need to Know About GMOs

What You Definitely Need to Know About GMOs...

A while back we posted to the Oasis Advanced Wellness Facebook page a graphic concerning GMOs. To my surprise we had a couple of posts asking "What are GMOs?"  I admit that this question made me... Read more
Myths of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Myths of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)...

Certainly everyone reading this article knows about synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and maybe even BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy). But perhaps you’re not sure what the... Read more
What is Acemannan?

What is Acemannan?

What is Acemannan? Do you know? Most people have never heard of acemannan nor would they associate it with the healing-herb aloe vera. Acemannan is a D-isomer mucopolysaccharide found in the inner... Read more
Garlic-Herb-Lime Cauli-Rice

Garlic-Herb-Lime Cauli-Rice

I'm very excited to provide my readers with this recipe for cauli-rice. It's high in flavor and extremely delicious. But before I get to the recipe, let's quickly talk about the benefits of going... Read more
Healthy Junior Mint Squares

Healthy Junior Mint Squares

Chocolate and mint...mint and chocolate. Such a comforting and cool combination. And who believes that a box of Junior Mints are a must-have while at the movies?  I was excited to find this... Read more

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Who Is Loretta Lanphier?

Loretta Lanphier

Loretta Lanphier, NP, CN, HHP, CH is a Naturopathic Practitioner (traditional naturopath), Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist in The Woodlands, TX area and Founder / CEO of Oasis Advanced Wellness.

She has done and continues to do extensive research in health science, nutrition, natural medicine, endocrine system, weight loss, herbs, alternative cancer treatments, cancer/disease industry and is also involved in researching new alternative disease treatments and products.

Why OAW Health?

OAW Health - Oasis Advanced Wellness

Our main specialties include women's health, detoxification and cleansing strategies, cancer nutritional balancing, stress elimination, anti-aging, increasing energy levels and disease prevention which we accomplish from a "whole-body" approach.

OAW provides custom designed health programs and private consultations. Each and every product that we offer has been thoroughly researched for purity and effectiveness. We require that our products are highly effective (not fad products) without adding more toxins into the body through unnecessary excipients and ingredients.ustry.

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